Best Network Marketing Training A – Team

How To Make The Next 12 Months 2018 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER In Network Marketing.

So 2017 wasn’t your best year, now’s your chance to make 2018 your BEST Year Ever in Network Marketing. Do you really want to succeed this year for once and grow your Network Marketing Business, grow your team and learn from the best in the Network Marketing Industry. Then you need to check out the A – Team Training. The Best Network Marketing Training to build your Business Fast in 2018.

I know life can get chaotic at times… Days, weeks, and months fly by and suddenly you realize the book (you haven’t finished) from the library is 2 months overdue and you’ve had to ‘reschedule’ your coffee date with your best friend 5 times, your goals you wrote down were never achieved. So I wanted to take a minute to help you out… that is what the A-Team is all about… helping you accomplish more in Network Marketing, and stop procrastinating and take the leap of faith. We all need a little help when it comes to Network Marketing and I know this training can steer you in the right direction making your dreams come true and “GET READY TO CRUSH IT IN 2018“

If you’re in network marketing and want:

– to be more consistent in your business.

– to stop procrastinating and putting stuff off.

– a community to support you.

– to learn how to do this business better.

– to stop being fearful.

– to simply once and for all, get your business moving fast.

Then, this is for you.

Look, it’s no secret that the most successful people in our industry are held ACCOUNTABLE. As in, they have a coach or mentor to help guide them along the way…Todd Falcone has been my Mentor and Trainer for years.

And more importantly, without taking action on the things you say, you’ll never see any results.

This coaching program is about holding you to your goals and desires by making sure you FOLLOW THROUGH with what you say. There’s nothing else quite like it in the industry and it works phenomenally well.

If you’re ready to make your business move fast, A-Team is for you. Whether you’re already producing and looking for that extra edge and push, or your stuck and can’t seem to get yourself moving, this program will absolutely help you create that break through you’ve been looking for in your business.

Todd Falcone has been running this program since 2008, and it has proven repeatedly to get people to take more action, increase their sponsoring activity and grow their businesses.

This program will help you to move your business to the NEXT LEVEL, putting you into a consistent growth curve, as well as help you to improve your skills and get way better results with the time you’re putting into your business.

With A-Team, I can guarantee you this for sure. You will absolutely do more than you ever have in the past with your business. And…when you do more, you produce more. It’s that simple.

Take this 12-Week Coaching and Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive  Program seriously, and you’ll see a significant shift in your business. In my opinion, it is impossible to not see change happen, when you do this…and fully participate during the entire program.

If you’re ready for a shift, Todd is ready to help you make that happen today. He has a limited amount of space available in each A-Team coaching program that he runs throughout the year, and oftentimes people who register late can’t get in, and end up having to wait until the next program runs. He only does this three times a year.A-Team Success

Now is one of those times. Todd will help you totally CRUSH IT this year with your network marketing business. Get ready to grow your network marketing business like nothing before. Are you ready to put 2017 behind you and finally make 2018 your dream year, grow and skyrocket your network marketing business to the next level like never before and Build your Business Fast! Bringing out your Entrepreneur spirit.

So, Why should you do A-Team and Stop “Thinking” About it?

1.  It will SET THE THEME for your entire year.   A strong start leads to an even stronger finish.

2. You get to surround yourself with nearly 200 people just like you who are RUNNING HARD at the same time.  There is power in that group dynamic.

3. This is a chance for you to really PUSH and CHALLENGE yourself to do more, rather than what you’ve grown accustomed to. 

4. If you are serious about moving your business in a forward direction and want to start taking the kind of actions you know you SHOULD be taking, then register immediately before we close it out.

5.  You can say you kicked some serious but in the first three months of the year rather than get off to a sluggish start. 

6. You’ve Got Everything To Gain And Nothing To Lose.

“Here’s what you’re going to learn during Todd’s 12-week A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive:”

  • How to Become a Masterful Rapport Builder and Connector and never again have one of those ‘awkward’ moments when getting to know someone. 
  • How to Increase your Personal Charisma making you a ‘magnet’ for success.
  • How to Completely Stand Out from the “Pack” and never again be that person that they can’t seem to remember.
  • How to Become a Referral Generating Machine and have people happily sending you more referrals than you can possibly handle.
  • How to Crush it in your Warm Market without ever alienating a single friend who looks at you like you’re ‘using’ them to make money.
  • How to Dominate on Social Media and put attraction marketing at the forefront of what you do online.
  • How to Recruit Professional, High Quality People into your Business so you can focus on bringing in the kind of people who actually DO something rather than simply give you “lip-service.”
  • How to Become a Master at Networking in Social Groups like, Facebook Groups and other Networking functions.
  • How to Recruit People Literally Everywhere you Go and never be perceived as “that network marketing person who can’t ever seem to shut up about their business.”
  • How to Master the Art of Cold Market Prospecting and feel completely comfortable talking to someone you’ve never met before.
  • How to Tell Powerful and Intriguing Stories that cause people to give you their credit card on the spot to join you.
  • How to Increase your Posture and Confidence even if you haven’t made any money yet.
  • How to Recruit at Least One Person a Week even if you are working your business only a few hours a week
  • How to Become a Follow Up Pro and never again let anyone slip through the cracks or ever feel as if you’re ‘chasing’ people.
  • How to Overcome or Obliterate Literally Any Objection and never again worry about what tough question a prospect is going to throw your way.
  • How to Close Bigger Packages to help you create a higher percentage of success stories on your team.
  • How to Easily Turn Customers into Productive Distributors.
  • How to Eliminate Call Reluctance and Prospecting Fear for Good so you never again sit at your desk ‘twiddling your thumbs’ and angry that you let another day of productivity pass you by.
  • How to Quickly Get Past Frustration and Discouragement so that you stay focused, on task and get back to business quickly.
  • How to Leave Intriguing Messages that Get People to Call you Back.
  • How to Effectively Use your Company’s Guarantee to get people who are on the fence to make a decision now.
  • How to Increase your Credibility and Be More Convincing so more people take you seriously and want to join you on your journey.
  • How to Make 100% Sure that you are Constantly Improving your Prospecting Skills so that you don’t find yourself stuck, in a rut or feel like you’re slipping backwards.
  • How to Execute a Recruiting Blitz and get more people on your team to step up their personal recruiting game.
  • How to Move AWAY from using Scripts so that you sound more authentic and real.

And…YES, there is more. But…that bullet-point list ought to be enough to get you to register right now before you change your mind and go back to doing what you’re doing with no success.

The A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive is very likely going to be the most robust and comprehensive prospecting and recruiting training you’ve ever taken part in as a network marketer.

“Here’s What’s Going to Get During A-Team:”

  • 12-Weeks of Intensive Training exclusively on the subject of Prospecting and Recruiting.
  • Weekly Access to Todd with ample time each week to ask questions and gain clarity on subjects being taught.
  • Private A-Team Facebook Group to interact with Todd, your peers, mastermind and get additional questions answered.
  • Accountability to help hold you to a higher standard of productivity which otherwise doesn’t exist in network marketing. You’ll learn to be self-employed and start showing up the way you need to in order to thrive in this business.
  • The Fearless Networker ‘Simplified’ Activity Tracker to help you track your revenue producing activity each week.

“When Does it Start?”

The next A-Team Prospecting and Recruiting Intensive will begin on Tuesday February 6th 2018 at 6pm Pacific Time.  So Don’t waste another minute spinning your wheels going nowhere with your Network Marketing Business.

Meet weekly on a Private Conference Bridge or Webinar Meeting Room for 12-Consecutive Weeks at that same time.  

Each weekly training call will be approximately 60-minutes in length and ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED. If you miss a week or can’t make a few of the training calls, you will be given full access to all the trainings that you might have missed so that you can catch up with the group.

So what have you got too loose, but a wealth of training and knowledge from Todd Falcone, the leader in the Network Marketing Industry who can help you finally attain your goals and dreams.

P.S. Crush it in 2018!!  A-Team is were Success is Built.  You get personal  access to Todd Falcone for help.  Read more here.