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Network Marketing is Tough without the Right Guidance.

Network Marketing is a tough gig, whether you’re new or a pro to Network Marketing. Without the right mentors and leadership for guidance and training, it will be hard to achieve the financial and freedom you are looking for, feeling frustrated and ultimately giving up on your dreams.

Leadership MentorsWho do you think makes more? A Doctor or a Professional Network Marketer?

Probably a professional network marketer. Most new distributors have a dream to earn that kind of income. Now, let’s say that you are a doctor making good money. A patient says to you: “Hey, I want to be a doctor too. I’ll go to the orientation meeting, buy a doctor’s kit, and why don’t you just tell me now how to be a doctor. I’m skipping medical school and training. Just tell me now how to be a doctor.” You would laugh. But doesn’t that happen to you being a leader in your network marketing business? Our new distributors can’t set aside time to come to evening training, won’t register for convention, won’t read their sales manual, refuse to learn how to prospect … and they want to quit their job and enjoy life with a full-time network marketing income. We are not asking them to enroll full-time into five years of medical school. We are just asking them to invest a little bit of their time to learn some skills.

One of my favorite mentors that I have been following for years and has taught me so much about Network Marketing is Todd Falcone who has over 25 years of experience in the profession of Network Marketing and direct selling. He regularly conducts conference calls, webinars and live training events in front of tens of thousands of people in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and other countries throughout the world. He’s captured the attention of literally hundreds of thousands of distributors worldwide who swear by his trainings and his comedic, yet direct approach to teaching success.  Below is a collection of Todd’s videos on Network Marketing and tips to help you on your road to Success.

    The Future of the Network             How to Maintain Distributors
Marketing Profession.                     Retention Strategy Long-Term.

   Simple Strategy for Faster              Vemma, The FTC and What  Growth in your  MLM Team.          this means to Network Marketing.

 MLM Tip, Don’t be a Dirty           Why People run away and Will    Recruiter.                                           NOT Do Business with You.

How to Sponsor and Attract           What You Do with Negative Exceptional People.                           People and Tire Kickers.

The #1 Action Step to Take with a New Rep. And Does Attending Network Marketing Events Boast your Business?

  How to STOP People from Leaving your Business, and 4 Facebook Power Moves that Make you Money.

       Every network marketing leader has this. And If you’re struggling or frustrated in your Network Marketing Business, watch this.

  Have No FREE Time, How to Build Your Business. And, This is Why More People Don’t Buy from You.

   Why Some People Make Money and Others Don’t in Network Marketing. And, How to Triple your Volume in Five Days or Less.

Todd Falcone: Network Marketing Trainer and Speaker. Three Most Important Things you Can Do to Meet New People.

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