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 Here is why your Downline is not duplicating you?

“When You Know How to Sell to 10,000 People Who Want Exactly” What You Offer…

In the Same Amount of Time It Takes to Sell to One Uninterested Person Face-To-Face…

“You’ll NEVER Have a Duplication Problem Again in your Network Marketing or Business Opportunity Again!” Teams Working Together

You know that feeling when you’re out having coffee with a friend, or you bump into someone you know at the grocery store, and you think to yourself, “I really need to talk to this person about my opportunity. I haven’t done anything yet to build my business today?”

And then, afterwards, when you fail to share your opportunity with them, you feel really guilty about it because you know you’re not any closer to a residual income?

Well, how would you like to never have that feeling again? Let’s face it.

We all hate talking to people who aren’t the least bit interested in our opportunity. (At a gut level it just doesn’t feel right.) And I’m guessing none of us would do it if we knew there was a better option available.

So Why Do We Force Ourselves To Do It?

Well, because many of us have been given the impression it’s the ONLY WAY to build this business.

Many of us have been told that the very core of network marketing, the very reason it’s so powerful, are the one-to-one relationships that allow us to immediately connect with our prospects and have our message heard above everyone else’s.

(Remove the “one-on-one” aspect and you no longer have network marketing.)

And there are three main reasons we’re repeatedly ingrained with the idea that this form of direct selling is superior to all others:

  • It’s more effective than other forms of advertising
  • It’s the only way “the little guy” can compete with the big companies and build a business today
  • It’s duplicateable

But is all this really true?

Let’s take a look at each one of these arguments.

“Direct Selling Is More Effective Than Other Forms of Advertising” 


The average person today is busier than ever before and the amount of things competing for our attention is at an all-time high.

Believe it or not, we’re constantly bombarded with anywhere between 1,600 to 3,000 different ads or marketing messages every single day.

Because of this, we’re told that the only way to cut through all the clutter and get people’s attention is through personal, pre-existing relationships.

After all, an individual is able to get much better market penetration within their “circle of influence” than an inhuman company with a massive advertising budget because, “people buy from those they know, like and trust.”


At a glance, this seems to make perfect sense.

But if you’ve made even the smallest attempt at expanding your business through your warm market, you know this ISN’T necessarily the case.

Were you greeted with open arms by every friend, family member, co-worker, referral and acquaintance you’ve ever tried to prospect?

Did they happily whip out their checkbook and immediately buy from you because they know you or because you’re a friend of a friend?

Probably not.

In fact, you’re probably more familiar with being avoided or shunned by people the moment they found out what your real motives for talking with them were.

So much for “cutting through all the clutter” right?

So why doesn’t it all play out perfectly the way it should? Why the big disconnect between theory and reality?

It’s because…

Direct Selling Is Still A Form Of Interruption Marketing – Regardless Of Whether You Already Know Someone Or Not!

You’re still intruding on people’s lives with the one thing people hate almost more than anything else: An unwanted sales pitch.

Sure, you’ll be able to get your foot in the door because your prospects know who you are, but it doesn’t matter if you’re their best friend or a total stranger, once you hit ’em up with a sales pitch, all of that goes out the window!


Because you’ve just placed yourself in the same category as all the other solicitors they ignore! It completely voids the fact that you have any kind of relationship with them.

What’s worse is any trust between the two of you has been damaged because people don’t like being taken advantage of. (And that’s how they feel when you assume they’ll automatically buy your stuff just because you exchange Christmas cards in December.)

Especially if you use some sneaky, bait-and-switch tactic many uplines rely on and highly recommend: “I just want you to evaluate what I’m doing” or “I can’t explain it, you’ve just gotta come and see it for yourself.”

(Deep down inside we all instinctively know this isn’t how we would want to be treated. That’s why it just doesn’t feel right when we push our stuff on people.)

But more importantly than any of this…

Any Pre-Existing Relationship You Have With Anyone Is Completely Meaningless If They Don’t Already Want What You’re Selling

This is the most important and fundamental rule of marketing and should come before everything else.

If you’re not obeying by this rule, NO form of advertising or self-promotion is ever going to work.

In fact, person-to-person is actually the worst form of “interruption marketing” out there because with something like television or a magazine ad, your prospect can simply change channels or turn the page if they’re not interested. No big deal.

But nothing is more uncomfortable than having to turn down someone who won’t take “no” for an answer. (Especially when you’re trying to be real careful and polite about it because that someone is your friend.)

It’s also a lot harder and more wearing on YOU because you personally have to deal with rejection over and over again (another thing that we humans don’t do well with), as opposed to an ad that couldn’t care less.

You see, here’s the thing.

Getting someone to listen to you has NOTHING to do with one-on-one communication.

It’s all about whether or not you’re tapping into a need or desire that already exists.

If you’re not offering your prospects something they’re already highly interested in, you won’t be able to hold their attention, and you certainly won’t get them to take action.

The REAL KEY to getting (and keeping) your prospect’s undivided attention is to deliver laser-targeted messages to them at the exact moment that they’re looking for answers.

Good Marketing Is About Delivering The Right Message, To The Right Person, At The Right Time

This is how you stand out from the crowd!

And here’s the best part about it…

The internet allows you to do this like no other advertising medium in history because what are people doing when they visit Google, Yahoo, or MSN? Searching for information!

This is the exact state of mind you need someone to be in in order for them to be receptive to your offer – not when they’re having dinner or out grocery shopping.

People go online to look for answers – that’s the very nature of the internet nowadays.Searching for information

It’s like a giant virtual yellow pages, except infinitely better and more powerful (in ways that I’ll talk more about in future newsletters.)

The internet is THE perfect pool of prospects – warmer and more receptive than any “warm market” names list you could ever come up with.

And with my steadfast help…

You’re going to learn how to channel an endless stream of prospects, customers, and team-builders from this “worldwide pool” of solution seekers directly into your inbox, business, and downline – regardless of your current experience level!

 The Renegade Network Marketer … How To Succeed At Network Marketing By Burning Your Names List, Ditching The Thursday Night Hotel Meetings And NEVER Paying For Another Opportunity.

Which brings us to the next point…

“One-To-One Marketing Is The Only Way “The Little Guy” Can Compete With The Big Companies And Build A Business Today”

We would all love to advertise and have business come to us if we could right?

However, we’re told the average person just can’t afford to do normal advertising like the “big boys” and one-to-one, word of mouth marketing is really the only option available to us home-based business owners who don’t have much capital to start with.

Now, 20 years ago when everything was offline this *MIGHT* have been true…

But today with the internet, this argument is simply outdated and no longer valid.

Reaching mass audiences of hundreds of thousands of people with an advertising campaign in the offline world can cost as much as a small house.

With The Internet, These Same Numbers And Results Can Be Achieved For Nothing Or Next To Nothing

Let me give you some examples…

  • To take out a full page ad in The Washington Post, which has over 2.4 million readers, you will need to fork over a hefty $100,000. On the other hand, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which has a circulation of about 370,000 readers, a full page ad will only cost you $15,000.
  • Of course, then there are magazines. A typical full page ad in most magazines will cost you anywhere from $20-40 CPM. (This means “Cost Per Thousand” – the cost per thousand viewers or readers.) So if you want your ad to be seen by roughly 100,000 people, it may cost anywhere from $2-4,000.
  • Depending on the type of postage you use and a few other things like printing, paper, mailing list rental and letter shopping, having your offer sent to 100,000 people through direct mail can be in the neighborhood of $50,000 or more.
  • Finally, with production costs and air time, a 28 minute infomercial can easily cost you $200,000.

Now, compare all that with similar methods on the internet: Cost: Free

Reach: Sky’s the limit. Just now as I’m writing this email I went and looked up some videos about how to start a home based business and found a bunch that have gotten  54,542 views… 34,197 views… 74,907 views… 12,959 views… etc. All of them were done by individuals in their home. None of them were done by big corporations.

Article Marketing Cost: Free if done manually, or for less than $200 you can have a good professional service do it for you for an entire year. Reach: Hundreds of websites with thousands of regular visitors pick up your articles and distribute them. Here are some comments and testimonials about article marketing using techniques in the The Renegade Network Marketer.

“Averaging About $4,000 A Month In Sales And Only Spending $28 A Month To Do That”


By the way, I am averaging about $4,000 a month in sales, and only spending about $28/month to do that. Out of that, $19 is to keep Aweber getting my newsletter out, and the rest is my monthly fees for my website and blog. Really, I don’t spend anything on marketing yet.

It’s all article marketing, blogging, and my newsletter. I’m averaging about a 94% profit margin!”

-Scott Rogers Duncanville, TX

Banner Advertising Cost: $1-5 per thousand impressions, depending on the websites you advertise with (an impression is when your ad is shown) So to have your ad shown 100,000 times would cost between $100-500. Search Engine Listings (Google, Yahoo, MSN) Cost: Time.

Reach: Thousands to millions depending on the particular search terms you target. Ezine Advertising

An “ezine” is an online newsletter and when you advertise with one, your offer gets emailed to the entire list of subscribers. This is one of the most effective methods for targeting huge crowds of people who are interested in your offer because there are hundreds of home based business, network marketing ezines you can advertise with.

Here are just a few examples: -$150 to have your ad sent to 470,000 subscribers -$135 to have your ad sent to 280,000 subscribers -$99 to have your ad sent to 100,000 subscribers -$50 to have your ad sent to 37,000 subscribers -$35 to have your ad sent to 20,000 subscribers

With the internet, anyone can advertise like the big companies, and in fact, in many cases, the “little guy” can do it a lot better.

Most Fortune 500 companies are just now getting up to speed on strategies and techniques that were talked about and being used with a lot of success 5-10 years  ago by pioneering individuals and home-based business owners.

These slow-moving behemoths – just like the vast majority of networking companies – failed to adapt to the internet and are now playing catch up. (Actually, they failed to allow their DISTRIBUTORS to adapt to the internet.)

Is it really any surprise the one-twarm/cold market approach has become outdated? After all, network marketing was first conceived of well over 50 years ago. Things change. Techniques change. That’s okay.

This does NOT mean that networking itself is outdated, just the methods that people are being taught to use. In fact…

Network Marketing Is More Powerful Now Than Ever Before When Combined With Effective Marketing Strategies

Oh, and one more thing about this idea that home based business owners can’t advertise like the big Fortune 500 companies can.

Notice how I said that “20 years ago when everything was done offline this *MIGHT* have been true.”

You see, here’s the thing, the reason I said “might” is because IF you advertise like MOST distributors nowadays then this statement is entirely true.

You WILL lose money. Every time.

In fact, when done the WRONG WAY any kind of advertising/marketing is expensive! (Even warm market prospecting which is supposed to be free.)

The reason most networkers lose money is because they don’t know what to advertise.

HINT: It’s NOT your products or opportunity. However, when done correctly all your advertising expenses become a non-issue. Read that again.

When Done Right Cost Is Irrelevant

Yes, even the most expensive kinds like direct mail.

If this is something you want to learn and understand about Network Marketing Strategies The Renegade Network Marketer. business building blue-print will answer your burning questions.

When I say “personal” I mean it’s exactly what I do – myself – to build my business  and accumulate wealth. You will the discover the trick to getting ALL your advertising to immediately pay for itself so you don’t have any out-of-pocket expenses.

If you’re NOT using this technique shown in The Renegade Network Marketer in your business –  you’re leaving a pile of money on the table. (And a pretty BIG ONE at that.)

“Warm/Cold Market Prospecting Is Duplicateable”

This argument goes right along with the first one.

If we’ve already established that prospecting people who don’t care about our opportunity one at a time is NOT an effective form of marketing (and in some cases, one of the worst forms when done incorrectly) why would you want to duplicate it?

Of course the whole point is supposed to be that making a names list and calling those people is supposed to be something that absolutely ANYONE can do without needing any money, skills, or experience whatsoever (not true, by the way)…

But in reality, second rate methods lead to second rate results!

Many MLMers might look at this and ask (as I would have in the past), “But didn’t John Paul Getty say he would rather have 1% of the efforts of a hundred men than 100% of his own?”

And yes, he did say that. But what he left out of that famous saying is that in order for this principle to apply, that 1% has to at least amount to SOMETHING.

The fact is, old-school techniques of trying to sell to unqualified prospects usually yield ZERO or even NEGATIVE results for most networkers.

And this is assuming the warm/cold market approach really is duplicateable to begin with. (But this is hardly the case.)

Why not?

Because it’s too dependent on how big your warm market is, what kind of people it consists of, and how much influence you have with them.

Here’s the problem. Most of us are not positioned very well as someone who our family and friends would see as a good person to follow into a business venture.

And in either case – whether you’re trying to recruit in your warm or cold market – when you’re prospecting people who have expressed little or no interest in your product or opportunity, only the most tenacious and pitbull-like reps can achieve any kind of consistent, ongoing success. (Usually those who have had lots of experience in previous sales positions.)

Does This Mean That One-To-One Communication Is Completely Out?

Absolutely not.

It’s simply a matter of shifting and redefining your idea of how and when to use it.

It’s just as important today as it ever has been – WHEN used correctly, with the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.

Developing one-to-one relationships with your top business builders and your best prospects is very important…

But it’s definitely not needed for ALL your prospects. This tedious and time-consuming grunt work of sifting and sorting can and should be automated.

Most people find that when they do this, they literally get TEN TIMES the results. No exaggeration. In fact that’s quite normal. The Renegade Network Marketer Testimonial: 

I read the book and within my first month of applying the teachings of  The Renegade Network Marketer I’ve already started making money and attracting prospects to me.

Now it’s been over six months and I’ve already made over $6,000 in commission checks and I have attracted over 500 prospects who came to me… are calling me… emailing me… and want to talk to me!

This is really empowering. I’m making money even when they don’t join my network marketing opportunity and it’s great because that’s what a real business is like. Thank you Ann for teaching me and providing this book to the network marketing world.”

-Diyana Alcheva Gresham, OR

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