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Best 21 Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

Best 21 Tips for Easy Network Marketing Prospecting Success.

Best 21 Tips for Prospecting SuccessTodd Falcone is one of my mover and shaker mentors that I have gained a wealth of knowledge, skills and training since I starting my home business in the network marketing industry several years ago and still to this day I always come away with nuggets of golden tips especially the training on, The Best 21 Tips for Easy Prospecting Success to continue building my online business and growing my team.

Todd Falcone’s Prospecting and Easy Network Marketing Tips

Todd Falcone has been in the industry for 24 years, in-the-field Direct Sales and bringing his Network Marketing experience to the table and candidly shares his insights, thoughts and strategies for those looking for peak performance in their Network Marketing and Direct Sales careers. Todd is a multi-million dollar earner and has made his way to the top in four leading Network Marketing companies. Todd Falcone is a highly-recognized trainer, personal coach and mentor to thousands of top-performing home business owners. His stories, teachings and articles have been featured in several magazines including Six-Figure Income, HBC (Home Business Connection), Zig Ziglar’s book Network Marketing for Dummies, Conversations on Success, Networking Times, and dozens of other online publications.

Free MLM and Network Marketing Training

Every Monday night for the last 10 years, Todd Falcone has been hosting live free M*L*M Training Power Hour Calls to teach everything he has learned over his years as a network marketer. Todd covers a wide variety of topics directly related to building, sponsoring fast, recruiting and selling your network marketing business. How to Become Fearless and win the game of Prospecting  (was one of my first investments produced by Mr. Todd Falcone, and let me tell you it was absolutely worth every penny!). With the exception of Monday nights that fall on public holidays or unforeseen cancellations. When you sign up to Todd Falcone’s newsletter, he sends out email notifications of up and coming FREE Network Marketing training, well worth listening too, getting top network marketing training tips and also Todd Falcone performs live prospecting calls, which are very entertaining, well worth dialing into, listening to and also learn exactly what you should be saying and what not to say and how to follow-up and close.

Little Black Book of Scripts Free Download for Prospectings

Little Black BookTodd Falcone also has a free download of his Little Black Book of Scripts that has created absolutely amazing results for me. He tells you exactly how to say it when you are prospecting or qualifying people who you would like to be a part of your team. Well worth downloading and reading if you don’t know what to say without losing your prospect.

How to Do a Follow up Call in Network Marketing and  How Bad Do you Want Success?

Recently on one of Todd Falcone’s training call’s, I came away with golden nuggets on the Best 21 Tips for Network Marketing Prospecting Success.

  1. Keep your pipeline full! Accelerate your list and keep growing your list, don’t stop. The money is in your list. Make sure you keeping talking to new people every day, expose, expose, expose your business and products.
  2. Tracking your numbers every day! Keep a spreadsheet with a list of the people you contacted new and old contacts, whether you called, sent emails, numbers of new signups, showed presentations too, followed-up  for the day, keep notes and comments. By doing this daily, you will know whether you are doing enough to get your list growing.
  3. Follow-up with your new prospects and do it fast! Every day. Strike while the iron is hot and send the information about your business you spoke about with your prospect ASAP. Make a specific time and day to follow up with them, by asking “when can I follow-up with you”.
  4. Don’t over load new prospects with too much information all at once! Information overload can potentially scare and turn your prospect to run away. By saying that, too much might tend to confuse and overwhelm the prospect. Do it gradually and send enough information about your business to the prospect that will allow them to make an informed decision whether this business is for them or not.  And if they ask for more information, send it. A step-by-step guide is also helpful.
  5. Leadership! Use the people with the knowledge and experience in your up line, if you don’t know the answers to your prospects questions. Leverage yourself, you are not expected to be a one man show; you don’t have to have all the answers. Use your up line support, use the experts in your team and make 3 way calls.
  6. Take a real genuine interest in your prospects and the more they will be attracted to you! Ask what they are looking for, their needs, their wants and their desires. Find out more about them and their why’s.
  7. Listen, Pause, Respond! Hear what your prospects have to say. Ask the questions, listen, pause, respond and be a real listener. Take an interest in what the prospect is saying. Don’t speak over them or cut into their conversation.
  8. Focus, put your head down! Don’t get caught up with too many other distractions that take you away from your primary business.
  9. Don’t hover over 5-10 prospects that you think are going to build your business and stop prospecting all together! Hoping they will join your business. If you haven’t heard an answer over an extended period of time. Keep on moving forward and growing your list.
  10. Don’t be cheesy and over hype your company! Be real and be realistic. Don’t lie about your business and be honest upfront about the expectations. Don’t set the bar to high with unrealistic expectations that you can’t keep.
  11. Employ you! Would I hire me! Would you? That’s a question you should ask yourself every day. Lead by example, integrity and live up to your potential. Are you living up to your own expectations and doing everything you can to build your business.
  12. Be clear with your desired outcome! Know exactly what you want! Be very specific and write down your whys, desires, wants, aspirations and your outcome. What are you looking for? Be clear where you want to be.
  13. Practice, Practice, Practice! Be the best you possible can be! Pro Golfers practice every day, Pro Tennis players practice every day. Are you taking the steps to improve your prospecting skill sets?
  14. Under promise and over deliver! Do what you say you are going to do! If you make a promise, keep it! Stay committed to your words. If you say you are going to do something that you said to your prospects. Do it! Don’t disappoint and fail to do it. You might just loose that prospect.
  15. Enthusiasm and excitement makes a big difference in how you approach your prospects! Be happy and love what you are doing. Your prospects can pick that up and hear it in your voice. Be fun and energetic and don’t be boring and put them to sleep.
  16. Be consistent! Do something every day in your business, take action, and don’t let yourself slip away from your business. Consistently work your business, consistently put people in your down line. Work your business for success.
  17. Recruit up! Look for people who are like you. Like-minded people. You are looking for people with talent and the abilities that can do what you do. Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals method.
  18. Ask for referrals! They may not be interested in your business, but they may know somebody who is. You never know until you ask who may be looking for your business or products. “Who do you know?”
  19. Acting as if! Act as if you have what your desires are. Change your mindset. Harness the projection of visualization and picture your visual images in your mind. Act as if you are already successful. Project your visual image on your visual screen. It’s your movie; you’re the producer and star of your movie.
  20. Model Success! Successful story telling from someone already successful is a very motivational and powerful tool. If somebody is willing to share their story of success and show you how they did it. Learn it, copy it and follow their lead. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel.
  21. Take responsibilities for yourself! Don’t go blaming anybody else, the company, your sponsor, your down line, up line, product or lack of prospects for your failures. You’re an independent entrepreneur; you are your own boss. Don’t go pointing the finger if all your plans don’t fall into place as you had expected. Nobody is perfect, and everybody has faults. Work on yourself, your skills and your mindset. Take responsibility for your actions and for everything you do!

Own it and be the best you can be and put your all into your desired outcome and the rewards will be well worth it in the end!

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