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Easy Network Marketing and Direct Selling

 Easy Network Marketing and Direct Selling, Top 4 Countries to Target, Boost your Sales and Spread the Word of your Business.

Direct Selling Why Now Is the Prime Time for Network Marketers

Direct Selling  is one of the oldest and still is the best and easiest way to take a product to the market without going broke in the process. Direct Selling is the Prime Time now for Network Marketers all over the world with the top 4 countries being Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Europe/Africa. What is “Direct Selling”? Direct Selling is the vehicle used to sell a consumer product or service, person to person instead of a fixed retail location. What if you could share products and opportunities with others easily and effectively without spending millions of dollars in advertising?

Direct Selling vs Franchises

Direct Selling vs Franchises, the pros and cons. Unlike setting up a Franchise, your financial reward is comparable to your vision of the business without the exorbitant costs associated with owning a franchise. If you want to make a couple of extra dollars a month, going part-time you can certainly do it in direct selling. Or, if you want to quit your job and go full-time, making a steady stream of residual income, you can always to that too. Direct Selling gives you the flexibility to have your cake and eat it too. The choices are all yours for the taking.

McDonalds ® franchise

Total Investment:

$1,004,450 – $2,155,700

SUBWAY® franchise 

Total Investment:

$85,200 – $260,350

(Source) Entrepreneur.com

If you have enough extra cash to fork out this kind of money on a Franchise, there are countless Franchise to choose from, or  Instead Invest a small fraction of an outlay for legitimate and genuine home business opportunities which can be run entirely from home, without having the ongoing costs associated with a Franchise.

Direct selling is not only a great way to meet new people and make new friends, direct selling also gives you the option for flexible work hours, an excellent source for extra income and earnings that are proportional to your effort and commitment. You don’t have to be a salesman or saleswoman to be involved in the direct selling industry.  People from all backgrounds, ages, academic and financial status have succeeded in direct selling all over the world.

In fact, direct selling as an industry as shown below, sales have more than doubled in the last decade to more than $30 Billion and have now surpassed more than $100 Billion worldwide.


  1. Asia Pacific is No #1 in Seller Productivity, 42% of total in Global Sales, 53% of total are Global Sellers.
  2. North America is No #2 in Seller productivity, 24% of total in Global Sales, 19% of total are Global Sellers.
  3. Latin America is No #3 in Seller productivity, 18% of total in Global Sales,17% of total are Global Sellers.
  4. Europe/Africa is No #4 in Seller Productivity, 16% of total in Global Sales, 10% of total are Global Sellers.
  5. According WFDSA Asia Pacific is by far the largest region for direct selling in the world, followed by North America. Latin America and Europe/Africa make up the final regions accounted for in the report. With an estimated global retail sales at over US$132 billion generated in the direct selling industry.
  6. Recent research shows that individual direct sellers in 21 countries in the world generate 90 percent of the world’s direct retail sales. Each of these countries generates in excess of $1 billion in direct sales per year. (See List).
  7. How individual direct sellers are approaching their customers, globally 76% use a person-to-person sales method and 18% are using party plan methods.

North America/Latin America direct sellers:

  • The range is 64% person-to-person/ 28% party plans in North America.
    • The  range is 91% person-to-person/ 9% party plan in Latin America.
  1. Depending, there is also a great difference in the ratio of single-level companies to multi-level companies across regions of the world. Globally, 57% of companies are multi-level in structure; 40% are single-level.


  1. Multi-level companies range from 20 percent in Latin America to 93 percent in North America.
  2. Single-level companies range from 7 percent in North America to 80 percent in Latin America.

Every single day, 70,000+ prospects worldwide are looking for information to find the best opportunity available. (http://www.businessforhome.org/).

Just about any product or service can be purchased through Direct Selling somewhere in the world.

What Successful Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Direct Selling for Network Marketing.

Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

 “Direct selling is actually one of the oldest, most respected business models in the world and has stood the test of time.”

Donald Trump, Billionaire Businessman

“One reason I have such strong respect for network marketing is that it is a genuine equal opportunity business. Network marketing casts a very wide net. When you look closely at the more than 60 million people worldwide who are engaged in the business, you’ll find people of every color and creed, every age group, and every level of background, experience and skill.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Business of the 21st Century

“Network marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it has become a way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.”

Stephen Covey, Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

 “This country was founded on entrepreneurialism and we are returning to it. The future of employment is self-employment. Direct selling is one of the few business opportunities that offers average people, with above average ambition to achieve an above average lifestyle, peace of mind and financial security.”

Direct selling, network marketing, home based business, MLM, whatever name you choose to call it, looks like it will be the solution for many of us during these trying times both personally and in our economic recovery and seems to be taking a turn for the better and is becoming more widely accepted. Jim Cramer is quoted as saying… “The direct selling model is going great guns” he also feels it could be the best way to sell goods in the Third World.

Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling

You can download the “Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling” magazine as PDF file here:

Articles include:

  • “The Ultimate Social Business Model – Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling”
  • “Solution to a Shrinking Job Market” features an interview with a world-renowned economist on how DS impacts the economy
  • A financial article “Making Dollars and Sense” on why DS companies are a good investment
  • A list of top publicly-held DS companies
  • “A Truly Global Channel” about the industry’s impact internationally
  • An article about energy sellers including interviews of Rob Snyder and Doug Witt at Stream Energy/Ignite
  • “Of the People, By the People” describes how the model provides opportunity for the average person
  • “The Heart of Direct Selling – The Home” a story on party plans
  • DSN Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world, with profiles of the Top 25

Now is the time! Network Marketing makes more millionaires than any other industry. Timing is one of the most critical aspects of momentum in any direct selling company. Momentum is an impelling force or strength. The act of gaining momentum is characterized by perpetual effect leading to a compounding motion. The snowball effect, it gets bigger and bigger. Momentum is something that starts out small but quickly grows when you are provided with the appropriate influences.  Being in the right place, at the right time with the right company and people.

I am so fortunate and thankful that I was in the right place at the right time. Why? Because we’ve got the right connections, the right people, the right company and the right training to get you step by step to where you want to go in our business.  We are the youngest company ever to be featured in the Success from Home magazine and Direct Selling News magazine when monthly sales in January 2012 hit over $1 million in sales just after launch in August 2011. Just over our 1 year anniversary August 2012, our company had over $10 million in monthly sales with expected monthly sales $20 million in 2013. Our product line and International expansion begins in 2013 with anticipated 3 X growth.

Now it is your time! Discover The Only Thing Missing Is YOU! Don’t Miss Out On The Lifestyle You Deserve! Find out more.

Points of Interest:

  • Two new countries have entered the “Billion Dollar Markets”: South Africa at $1.1 billion and Peru at 1.05 billion. The total number of markets that cross the billion dollar threshold is now 21.
  • The U.S. and Japan continue to dominate by nearly twice as much as any other nation.
  • Outside of China, Brazil continues to hold in the top four markets, several billion ahead of any other South American nation as well as others—though South American countries have a small increase, and there’s a new entry with Peru entering the game in 2011.
  • China continues to climb—going from $8 billion to $10.9 billion to $12.5 billion.
  • South Korea increases by almost $2 billion.
  • Malaysia is increasing steadily from $1 billion to $2 billion over the last year.
  • Many European nations continue to hold around $3 billion.

Source: DSN

Check out the staggering sales numbers of the top direct selling businesses from around the world have produced.

 (Chart provided from the WSJ article.)

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